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  1. LKK Sweet&Sour Stir-Fry Sauce 80g
    BBD: 2023-07-17
    Convenient, time-saving, delicious and versatile options allow you to cook a wide variety of dishes Learn More
  2. LKK tom yum soup base 80g
    BBD: 2023-11-13
    火锅上汤系列酱包 Learn More
  3. LKK Roasted Sesame Dressing 220g
    BBD: 2023-08-19
    Roasted sesame salad sauce is full of sesame flavor, whether with salad, meat or seafood, you can taste the rich sesame flavor, the aroma is endless Learn More
  4. LKK Chicken Marinade 710ml
    BBD: 2024-06-01
    Lee Kum Kee black bean sauce is a condiment for traditional south Korean fried chicken with black bean sauce. It is made by mixing soy sauce with ginger juice and sugar. It can be used for marinade, boiling, stir-fry and thickening. Suitable collocation: suitable for cooking chicken wings, can also be used for pickling, fried meat Learn More
  5. LKK Drunken Chicken Marinade 410ml
    BBD: 2023-07-03
    Selected Shaoxing flower carving wine, mixed with a variety of Chinese spices, processed according to the traditional recipe, rich flavor, authentic Shanghai flavor Learn More
  6. HT Golden Label Oyster Sauce 715g
    BBD: 2023-02-22
    Special Price £2.25 Regular Price £2.55
    High fresh and smooth, professional fresh Learn More
  7. Kewpie Mayonnaise 500g
    BBD: 2023-06-30
    Smooth taste and fragrant taste. Learn More
  8. HDL Seasoning for Poached Spicy Meat Slices 100g
    BBD: 2023-02-23
    Boiled meat slice seasoning, simple and quick Learn More
  9. CH Spicy Marinated Seasoning 190g
    BBD: 2023-07-23
    Spicy and fragrant, one step in place Learn More
  10. Cuihong Spicy Hot Oil 200g
    BBD: 2023-04-20
    Spicy red oil, noodles and dishes are a good partner Learn More
  11. DZ Spicy Pot Base 45° 220g
    BBD: 2023-06-13
    Homemade spicy pot, convenient and delicious Learn More
  12. KR Samyang Extreme Buldak Sauce 200g
    BBD: 2023-03-30
    Enjoy the double hot Learn More
  13. HDL Seasoning For Kung Pao Chicken 80g
    BBD: 2023-02-16
    Kung Pao chicken sauce, convenient and quick taste good Learn More
  14. LKK Teriyaki Sauce(Gluten Free) 368g
    BBD: 2023-01-16
    Special Price £1.55 Regular Price £3.09
    Lee kum kee teriyaki sauce is made of high-quality materials and is used to cook all kinds of meat products. Learn More
  15. LKK Hoi Sin Sauce(Gluten Free) 397g
    BBD: 2023-01-07
    Special Price £0.99 Regular Price £2.79
    Lee kum kee hoisin sauce is made with selected high quality spices and carefully prepared by secret recipe. The sauce is fragrant, smooth and rosy in color. Hakka people cooked fish in the Triumph Sauce, which is a homonym for seafood, and later developed a unique sauce. Learn More
  16. 【12.12 Special offer】 SANFENG White Sesame Paste 280g
    BBD: 2024-02-11
    Special Price £3.59 Regular Price £4.49
    Mitsuyoshi white sesame paste - full of white sesame aroma, hot pot must. Learn More
  17. Little Sheep Hot Pot Dipping Sauce (Plain) 110g
    BBD: 2023-04-25
    Little Sheep Hot Pot Dipping Sauce (Plain) 110g Learn More
  18. DEZHUANG Mala Spicy Seasoning 220g
    BBD: 2023-06-13
    DEZHUANG Mala Spicy Seasoning Learn More
  19. DEZHUANG Maoxuewang Seasonging 160g
    BBD: 2023-06-13
    DEZHUANG Maoxuewang Seasonging Learn More
  20. LKK Wasabi Flavour Sesame Dressing 220g plastic bottle
    BBD: 2023-05-20
    Cold salad dressing Learn More
  21. LKK Spicy MA PO TOFU Sauce 340g
    BBD: 2023-10-14
    LKK Spicy MA PO TOFU Sauce 340g Learn More
  22. Lee Kum Kee Sauce For Kung Pao Chicken 60G
    BBD: 2023-03-10
    Buy any product of Lee Kum Kee to send 1 bottle of LKK Hot Soybean Sauce 240g, Only 1 bottle for each order. Limited quantity, first come, first served till all are given out. Learn More
  23. LKK Chu Hou Paste 368g
    BBD: 2024-12-08
    LKK Chu Hou Paste 368g Learn More
    BBD: 2023-06-07
    LKK BLACK PEPPER SAUCE 350g Learn More
  25. BJ condiment-spiced soybean curd 100g
    BBD: 2023-03-01
    白家努力餐 麻婆豆腐 川菜调料 调味料 ,味道鲜美,品质优良,请放心使用。 食用方法: 1.将200g豆腐切成1-2cm的小方块,在食盐开水(水200g,食盐3g)中小火煮2-3分钟,沥干备用;将20g肉制成肉末,20g蒜苗切成细节,备用。 2.取30-50g食用油,烧至八成熟,加入肉末炒香;倒入本调料和豆腐清炒片刻,加入50-60g水,烧制4-5分钟。 3.勾入稀芡,加入青蒜苗节,混合均匀,起锅后撒上适量的花椒面即可。 Learn More
  26. CQ Hotpot Seasoning dipping sauce spicy 99g
    BBD: 2023-05-12
    食用方法:可用于火锅调味、蘸食;涂抹面包、馒头;用作菜肴调料等。即食即用,卫生方便。营养丰富,品味极佳。 Learn More
  27. CQ Hotpot Seasoning dipping sauce hot 99g
    BBD: 2023-05-07
    食用方法:可用于火锅调味、蘸食;涂抹面包、馒头;用作菜肴调料等。即食即用,卫生方便。营养丰富,品味极佳。 Learn More
  28. [Buy 1 Get 1 Free] CQ Hotpot Seasoning Seafood Flavor 100g
    BBD: 2023-02-02
    食用方法:可用于火锅调味、蘸食;涂抹面包、馒头;用作菜肴调料等。即食即用,卫生方便。营养丰富,品味极佳。 Learn More
  29. LKK Minced Garlic 326g
    BBD: 2024-03-15
    LKK Minced Garlic 326g Learn More
    BBD: 2023-11-02


    Per 100g (prepared):

    • Energy: 2620kJ/626kcal

    • Fat: 55.2g

    (of which Saturates: 0g)

    • Carbohydrate: 11g

    (of which Sugars: 0g)

    • Protein: 23g

    • Salt: 0.05g

    Learn More
  31. LKK Peking Duck Sauce 383g
    BBD: 2023-08-16
    口味甜度适中,略带咸鲜,层次分明,酱香浓郁,酱体细腻润泽。用于凉拌式,或拌面。更可作北京烤鸭的蘸酱,亦适合爆、炒、烧或煮等烹调之用 Learn More
  32. LKK Spare Rib Sauce 397g
    BBD: 2025-02-26
    LKK Spare Rib Sauce Learn More
    BBD: 2024-04-26
    LKK HOISIN SAUCE 397g Learn More
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