1.Registration and login

1Old user login: Please enter the login account and registration password on the "Login" page to log in.


2)New User Registration:Click on the top of the Home Log in ” after enter registration page, choose to create an account, enter the email address, user name, password and a verification code, follow the prompts to complete the registration.


2.Find items

1)You can search for the item you want to buy by entering keywords on the homepage. The simpler the keyword, the more complete the search results.


2)You can also find the category of the item you want to buy through the UKCNSHOP category navigation bar and find your item by category.


3.Add to cart

1)After selection of merchandise, the product details or other product display page, clickthe shopping cart”button, the items in their shopping cart.


2)In the shopping cart, the system defaults to one item per item, and if you want to purchase more than one item, you can modify the quantity purchased.


(3)If you have a discount code, you can enter the discount code on the shopping cart page or payment page, an7 you can pre-estimate the shipping cost on the shopping cart page.



                1).Commodity prices will be adjusted from time to time, after the final price of the order is submitted in your order price shall prevail.

                 2). preferential policies, delivery time, freight charges and other standards are likely to be adjusted, the final transaction information with the latest information when you place an order published on the website shall prevail.

4. Fill in the order information, submit orders checkout.