1. WeChat to receive coupons:

follow with interest“华人美食(ukcnshop)WeChat public number, directly reply to the "code" to get the monthly updated coupon code.

2.Weibo receive coupons steps:

1). Mobile phone scan home page QR code, and immediately attention @Ukcnshop英国网络超市

2).Private letters “DY“ 订阅 @ukcnshop英国网络超市

3).Private letters ”code“ Automatically get the latest coupons,”help”Get help information

Weibo order (including orders and goods) @ukcnshop英国网络超市,You can get a £2 coupon (send it later).


 In case of free post or other activitiesCoupons cannot be used, please contact customer service in time!

The current WeChat Weibo subscription coupon can only be used on the main station.Weibo orders, the current coupon amount is 2 pounds.

3.Pay attention to AIUK micro signal to enjoy more benefits.

AIUK provides free discount information on local merchants, including services such as food, clothing, housing and transportation, to provide more convenience for local Chinese.