UKCNSHOP supermarket statement

Below me, we represent the UKCNSHOP supermarket
you and your representative customers

1.Customer notice

1.1Hello, first of all, thank you for visiting our website and interested in purchasing our products. The company implements the marketing tenet of “not only making customers convenient, but also making customers feel satisfied”, providing customers with professional, fast, convenient, economical and fast quality and high-quality online sales services. When passing our company's services, the representative also recognizes the following terms of our company. This clause is confirmed by the customer and is legally binding on the customer and our company. These terms are confirmed to be effective when the relationship is established. Please comply with the following agreement, if the regulations may cause you a very large inconvenience. Here, all my colleagues in the company will give you a great apology. You have a very sincere sincerity, we will serve you with a hundred times of enthusiasm, and wish us cooperation and cooperation;

1.2.The company's price changes, special prices, lifting prices, the company will retain all voices.

1.3.The company is secured by the network payment security system and the HSBC system, which will protect personal data for customers. All consequences have nothing to do with the company, customers need to consult HSBC or online system security agencies

1.4.Ownership of the website information, the information contained in this website contains the following aspects: text, software, sound, pictures, graphics; all the content displayed in the advertisement; and other information provided by the website for the display. Our company has ownership of all such content and is protected by relevant laws. Therefore, users can only use these contents if they are authorized by this website. Otherwise, this website has the right to pursue legal liability for unauthorized copying, re-creation of such content, or creation of derivative products related to the content.

2.Refund Policy

2.1Refunds must be contacted within 3 days after receipt of the goods. Customers must provide valid order forms and receipts. Refunds are only due to product quality problems or wrong goods, others will not be returned after the goods are shipped. The postage of the return will be paid by the company.