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  1. [Buy 1 Get 1 Free] Green Label Wide Noodle 300g
    BBD: 2023-06-15
    Japanese dry noodles are healthy and convenient to eat Learn More
  2. 【Easter Special offers】BX Sliced Noodles 400g
    BBD: 2023-05-20
    Special Price £1.65 Regular Price £2.05
    Chewing more and more fragrant. Learn More
  3. Wuhan Noodles 1.82kg
    BBD: 2024-09-05
    A taste of home Learn More
  4. IKLKWN Brand Udon Noodles 200g
    BBD: 2023-09-18
    Japanese Udon noodles are convenient and delicious Learn More
  5. WHEATSUN Fresh Soba Noodles 400g
    BBD: 2023-10-20
    Healthy noodle soba wheat noodles Learn More
  6. Wheatsun Fresh Noodle Ramen 400g
    BBD: 2023-07-23
    Instant ramen Learn More
  7. Wheatsun Udon Noodles 300g
    BBD: 2023-11-18
    nutritious and convenient fast food Learn More
  8. Wheatsun Handmade Noodle 1kg
    BBD: 2024-10-20
    Hand dried noodles, smooth and smooth Learn More
  9. Wheatsun Egg Noodle 1kg
    BBD: 2024-10-20
    healthy and delicious Learn More
  10. Wheatsun Lanzhou Noodles 1.82kg
    BBD: 2024-12-10
    Genuine Lanzhou Ramen with strong taste Learn More
  11. Wheatsun Beijing Noodles1.82kg
    BBD: 2023-09-05
    It's mellow and Beijing flavor Learn More
  12. Wheatsun Shanxi Noodles 1.82kg
    BBD: 2024-09-05
    Smooth and chewy Learn More
  13. Wheatsun Henan Noodles 1.82kg
    BBD: 2024-10-20
    Strong wheat flavor, flexible and powerful Learn More
  14. Wheatsun Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles1.82kg
    BBD: 2024-09-05
    Delicate, smooth, good taste, easy to ripen and convenient Learn More
  15. Wheatsun Dragon Whiskers Noodle 1kg
    BBD: 2023-10-20
    Fine production, soft entrance and long aftertaste Learn More
  16. xiangyuan shanghaiyangchun noodle1kg
    BBD: 2023-08-22
    Xiangyuan Shanghai Yangchun Noodle 1kg Ingredients: wheat flour (77%), water, alcohol, sweetener (E420), humectant E1520, salt, enhancer E500 It is certified by the manufacturer and can be stored at room temperature. Learn More
    BBD: 2024-02-01
    寿桃牌 阳春面 Learn More
  18. SF DRIED NOODLE 1.36kg
    BBD: 2024-01-15
    寿桃牌 爽滑生面 Learn More
  19. Wang memil kuksoo ( buckwheat noodles) 300g
    BBD: 2024-11-11
    Wang 日式荞麦面 300g Learn More
  20. NK Albumen Noodle 908g
    BBD: 2024-01-03
    顶味 蛋清拉面 908g Learn More
  21. Nikko Egg Stick Noodles 300g
    BBD: 2024-04-30
    顶味全蛋挂面 Learn More
  22. Nikko Handmade Noodle 600g
    BBD: 2024-04-06


    Learn More
  23. XS Long Xu Noodles
    BBD: 2023-10-04
    兴盛龙须面 Learn More
  24. XS Lan Zhou Noodles
    BBD: 2024-01-30


    Learn More
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