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  1. Pardo Orange
    BBD: 2023-05-31
    Pardo Orange Learn More
  2. CN Fresh Needle Mushroom/Rroki 100g
    BBD: 2023-05-31
    The content of amino acids in Flammulina velutipes is very rich, which is higher than that of common mushrooms, especially lysine. Frequent consumption of Flammulina velutipes can prevent and cure canker. Learn More
  3. Asparagus lettuce 600g
    BBD: 2023-05-31
  4. (Box)Marinated Duck Feet 150g (need to be refrigerated)
    BBD: 2023-03-27
    Special Price £2.99 Regular Price £5.25
    (Box)Marinated Duck Feet 150g Learn More
  5. Ginger 200g
    BBD: 2023-05-31
    姜有散寒发汗的功效,所以姜茶可以治疗感冒。 它还是日常烹饪常用佐料之一。 Learn More
  6. Chinese Leaf/Cabbage
    BBD: 2023-05-31
    白菜中所含的果胶,可以帮助人体排除多余的胆固醇。 Learn More
  7. Japanese Fuji Apple 1pc 300g
    BBD: 2023-05-31
    Japanese Fuji Apple 1pc 300g Learn More
  8. Morinaga GM Free Tofu Firm 349g
    BBD: 2023-06-30
    日本豆腐 盒装-硬 349g Learn More
  9. Braised pork ball in brown sauce 200g
    BBD: 2023-06-30
    Special Price £3.19 Regular Price £3.99
    Braised pork ball in brown sauce is a dish from the Huaiyang cuisine of eastern China, consisting of large pork meatballs stewed with vegetables. There are two varieties: white, and red. The plain variety is usually stewed or steamed with napa cabbage. Learn More
  10. Zongzi Rice Dumplings with Pork and Salted Egg Yolks
    BBD: 2023-10-02
    Special Price £3.30 Regular Price £4.15
    Zongzi is a traditional Chinese rice dish made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves, generally of the species Indocalamus tessellatus, sometimes, with reed leaves, or other large flat leaves. They are cooked by steaming or boiling. Learn More
  11. Longan around 1000g
    BBD: 2023-05-24
    Special Price £9.36 Regular Price £11.70
    Dimocarpus longan, commonly known as the longan, is a tropical tree species that produces edible fruit. It is one of the better-known tropical members of the soapberry family, to which the lychee, rambutan, guarana, korlan, pitomba, guinep and ackee also belong. Learn More
  12. Purple Sweet Potato 700g
    BBD: 2023-05-31
    Purple sweet potatoes are a good source of potassium and fiber, and high in B6, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Additionally, they have a low glycemic index, which is why sweet potatoes (of any variety) are often preferred for diabetic diets. Learn More
  13. Pack 225g Kow Chol Chinese chive
    BBD: 2023-04-30
    Pack 200g Kow Chol Learn More
  14. Garlic Root/Garlic Shoot 190g
    BBD: 2023-05-31
    Garlic Root/Garlic Shoot 190g Learn More
  15. Fresh Yam/ Wai Shan 700g
    BBD: 2023-04-30
    新鲜 淮山药 Learn More
  16. Pomelo
    BBD: 2023-05-31
    柚肉中含有非常丰富的维生素C以及类胰岛素等成分,故有降血糖、降血脂、减肥、美肤养容等功效。 Learn More
  17. Nashi Pear each 200g
    BBD: 2023-05-31
    Asian Pear each 500g Learn More
  18. White Radish Mooli
    BBD: 2023-05-31
    白萝卜是一种非常常见的蔬菜,生吃和煮菜均可。白萝卜不但可以作为蔬菜吃,在消化、呼吸等方面的养生效果也非常显著 Learn More
  19. Meat Rice Dumpling
    BBD: 2024-02-03
    鲜肉粽 两只装 Learn More
  20. HYH waxy corn 250g
    BBD: 2023-09-10
    Per 100g (prepared): • Energy: 729kJ/174kcal • Fat: 1g (of which Saturates: 0g) • Carbohydrate: 37g (of which Sugars: 0g) • Protein: 4g • Salt: 0g Learn More
  21. Green Pak Choi /Shanghai Qing 500g
    BBD: 2023-05-31
    青菜 小白菜 500g Learn More
  22. Unicurd BaiYe Tofu 250g
    BBD: 2023-05-15
    Special Price £3.28 Regular Price £4.09
    It is suitable for frying, frying, brine, boiling, frying and other cooking techniques. Learn More
  23. Unicured Tau Kwa Firm Tofu 220g
    BBD: 2023-05-15
    Special Price £1.85 Regular Price £2.29
    Salty and tasty, easy to carry and eat on the journey Learn More
  24. Eddoes Costa Rica 300g
    BBD: 2023-05-31
    Taro is an important vegetable and food crop with high nutritional and medicinal value, which is suitable for all ages Learn More
  25. (Box)Marinated Duck Gizzards 150g(need to be refrigerated)
    BBD: 2023-04-03
    (Box)Marinated Duck Gizzards 180g Learn More
  26. (Box)Marinated Duck Wing 180g(need to be refrigerated)
    BBD: 2023-03-27
    Special Price £2.99 Regular Price £5.25
    (Box)Marinated Duck Tongue 100g Learn More
  27. Red bean black rice dumplings 380g
    BBD: 2024-03-06
    Special Price £5.20 Regular Price £6.50
    嘉兴黑米红豆粽 两只装 Learn More
  28. Bean Paste Rice Dumpling 300g
    BBD: 2024-01-26
    Special Price £5.19 Regular Price £6.50
    豆沙的香甜融入绵软的糯米,香糯不腻,回味无穷。让你在异国他乡也感受到家乡的味道。 Learn More
  29. Egg Yolk Meat Dumpling 300g
    BBD: 2024-02-04
    蛋黄与糯米的完美结合 Learn More
  30. FCL Boiled Bamboo Shoot- Whole
    BBD: 2023-11-20


    Learn More
  31. YY Cooked Sweet Corn - Whole
    BBD: 2024-04-05
    榆园 甜糯玉米棒 Learn More
    BBD: 2024-02-12
    金海林 海带结色泽呈墨绿色,泡发后海带色泽鲜艳,肉厚,泡发的水稍微一点点的墨绿。厚度在1-3MM,炖汤良品,特别推荐! Learn More
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